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Joseph Stadtlander
Jason Stadtlander
I had a concept, and decided that I had to create a better method of applying expertise onto the Web. I searched for weeks for a company name that would have significance. It had to be something that mattered to me and would captivate the imagination. So let me tell you a little story about my Grandfather.

Joseph Stadtlander
Josef Stadtlander
"In 1933 Josef Stadtlander was walking home. Suddenly, for no apparent reason he was abruptly stopped and insulted by a very large stranger. Never one to back down, Josef demanded that the stranger stop the harassment, but the man just laughed. You see my Grandfather was not what you would consider a large man; he was only 5'2" high and weighed a grand total of 119 pounds. However, the stranger who initiated the conflict was over 6' tall and significantly heavier. After laughing at the audacity displayed by my Grandfather,the stranger moved in to ruff up the diminutive Josef. Unbeknown to the aggressive stranger, Josef was a retired professional boxer. Witnesses claim one punch laid the giant down. The following morning local papers read "David Slew Goliath" and recounted the local man's efforts to protect himself."

My Grandfather died when I was twelve, but I still enjoy recounting this story. So, after much thought, I registered the name DaslWeb:
Da (David) Sl (slew) Web (the web)
(dazz'l web, dazzleweb, dassleweb)

I invite you to visit our site and help me spread the word of a company specializing in helping corporations conquer the "Goliath" that today is called the web.

Jason Stadtlander

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